The Decarbonising Transport through Electrification (DTE) Network+ is a £1M EPSRC-funded multidisciplinary project addressing the challenges of implementing an electrified, cost-effective and holistically operating transport sector for the UK.

The DTE Network+  brings together industry, academia and the public sector to identify the challenges limiting current implementation of an electrified, integrated transport system across the automotive, aerospace and rail sectors. This network develops and sustain an interdisciplinary team to solve these challenges, leveraging external funding from both public and private sectors. The network is inclusive, with a focus EDI and mechanisms to support colleagues such as early career researchers.

The DTE Network+ focuses research expertise to address the challenges of interactions between energy networks, future electric vehicle charging infrastructure (including roadside wireless charging & the shift to autonomous vehicles), electric & hybrid aircraft, and electrification of the rail network. It addresses low-carbon transport modes (road, rail and airborne) alongside associated electricity infrastructures to support existing and deliver future mobility needs, treating these as an integrated system embedded within the electricity energy vector.

Join this webinar where to discover how the DTE Network+ is expected to transform current practices and research in the decarbonisation of transport.

The ISCF Driving the Electric Revolution “Engage with…” webinar series offers leading companies and organisations a platform to present to you:

  • Who they are and what they do;
  • Their PEMD growth journey/roadmap and what they are doing in PEMD;
  • Their challenges and future PEMD supply chain requirements, with a view of exploring future opportunities for partnerships/collaborations/projects.

All with the aim for companies and organisations to seize the economic opportunities from the global transition to clean technologies and electrification.

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