This competition provides a great opportunity for organisations to work collaboratively together to look at novel technologies and business models to rapidly increase the uptake of reuse and refill.

Webinar recording is now available


This workshop enabled collaborations to be built in this specific topic area through presentations and breakout out rooms.

Attendees were expected to answer the following questions as part of the event and to register:

  • Where do you fit into the reuse/refill ‘story’?
  • What is your expertise, capability?
  • What is your challenge to adoption of refill/reuse at scale?
  • What collaborators are you looking for?


1. Introduction, scene setting and what we are seeing | KTN
2. SSPP background and why this topic is important | Innovate UK
3. Presentation(s) | The various models for refill/reuse
4. Pitch session
5. Break out groups
6. Plenary Q&A/Discussion