What are metamaterials and how can it serve your business?

KTN has launched a Metamaterials Innovation Network, which aims to promote the UK’s commercial exploitation and technology transfer of metamaterials through brokered or encouraged collaboration across the value chain.

We are inviting you to join our virtual launch event on Wednesday 23 September, to learn more about our objectives, how you can be part of the network and the benefits of this innovation to your sector and business.

Metamaterials and their devices are poised to grow to $10.7 billion globally by 2030, finding applications in 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, healthcare, built environment and much more. As artificially engineered materials, metamaterials can exhibit electromagnetic and acoustic properties designed for each specific application, achieving much higher performance and efficiency than conventional offerings.

Despite the UK’s academic research leadership in this field, metamaterials lack industrial uptake from end-users. Commercialisation of metamaterials is currently challenging as these materials are not easy to understand, require sizable resources to deliver useful products, require skills and expertise that are difficult to find and require the creation of novel supply chains. Join us to understand how this Innovation Network will enable greater uptake of these materials.

Webinar recording and slides are now available

Find the slides here.


10:00 – Welcome

10:10 – Introduction to the Metamaterials Innovation Network, Robert Quarshie (KTN)

10:25 – Past, present and future of metamaterials in the UK – The beginning of a new era, Prof Ian Youngs (UK Metamaterials Leadership Group)

10:40 – The EPSRC Metamaterials Network – A UK intervention to get ahead of the curve – Dr Anja Roeding (University of Exeter)

10:45 – Case Study 1: Making airborne communication antennas compact and lightweight, Dr Mike Sloan (TCS)

10:55 – Case Study 2: Metamaterials Enabling Medical Breakthroughs: Radio wave technologies towards point-of-care diagnostics, Dr Panos Kosmas (MediWise)

11:05 – Case Study 3: Indoor sound management with metamaterials, Dr Gianlunca Memoli (Metasonixx)

11:15 – Case Study 4: Industrial scale-up and funding challenges for the metamaterial community, Dr James Johnstone (AMD Ltd)

11:25 – Case Study 5: Exploiting Metamaterials Research – An end user viewpoint, (QinetiQ)

11:35 – Role of Design: Bringing breakthrough materials technologies to market faster, John Bound (MaDE)

11:55 – Wrap up

12:00 – Lunch break

13:00 – Online networking and collaboration (Meeting Mojo)

14:30 – End

About the Metamaterials Innovation Network

Like all Innovation Networks run by KTN, the aim is to convene people who wouldn’t normally meet; to learn, connect and explore opportunities. This Innovation Network is a 2-year project run by KTN to ensure successful commercial exploitation and technology transfer of metamaterials through brokered or encouraged collaboration.