If you’re part of the smart systems community the ultimate mini-series is heading your way. Starting on 5 November, a fast-paced, quick-fire, hour-long webinar with a minimum of six speakers will tell the story of Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) and the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) ISCF.

Webcast recording and slides are now available

Find the slides here.

PFER is a £102m programme focussed on the integration of power, heat, digital and transport and the business models needed to enable Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) to scale towards net zero. PFER features 170 businesses funded to deliver around 40 projects; now is the time to bring the smart systems community together.

This is your chance to hear from the various parts of the PFER programme including demonstrators, designs, key technology and data projects alongside our intellectual powerhouse EnergyRev and the Energy Revolution Integration Service delivered via the Energy Systems Catapult.

Episodes in the series will feature a wide variety of project presentations (both PFER and non-PFER funded projects) as well as insights from investors, entrepreneurs, government departments and regulators. Whilst we may end up changing the scope a little based on your feedback, the current plan is as follows.

Webinar series