The three Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) supporting groups (KTN, Network+ and TransFIRe) are jointly organising three online conferences to find solution providers to address the challenges of the Foundation Industries (FIs). Research and innovation from both the academic and industrial community will be showcased. These conferences coincide with the upcoming TFI Demonstrator Competition, thus providing a platform to bring together challenge owners and solution providers within the TFI community.

Hosted by TFI Hub TransFIRe

The foundation industries require large volumes of raw materials in a mixture of virgin and recycled forms alongside other inputs such as water and energy, and produce a number of by-products. As we move towards a UK circular economy, with a focus upon Net Zero, how can some of these input and output streams become connected and extract best value from these valuable commodities

Presentations and discussions to include the current barriers to minimising resource use and reusing products and materials, the role of designing for a circular economy and opportunities for innovation and development.

Conference Programme