Data and Digitalisation: As the move towards a net zero energy system accelerates, network customers and consumers will require simplified and accessible digital products, processes and services that can improve their user experience. Data and digital initiatives are already beginning to show the potential to improve the efficiency of energy networks whilst making it easier for third parties to interact with and innovate for the energy system. Digitalisation of energy network activities will contribute to better coordination, planning and network optimisation.

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You will hear from projects which are investigating new digital products and services such as digital twins and enhancing network fault data through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Heat: Consumers need better access to low-carbon heating options which remain reliable and affordable in comparison to existing solutions. For many domestic, commercial, and industrial end consumers, heat comprises a significant proportion of their energy bills. There are a variety of technologies which could potentially contribute to heat decarbonisation. These include heat networks, electric and hybrid heat pumps, hydrogen, biofuels and others.

As examples, you will hear from projects working on developing the gas networks to adapt to hydrogen, and electricity networks exploring the use of thermal energy storage as a source of flexibility.

About this series

These online events are introducing the first round of cutting-edge innovation projects that have secured funding as part of a new £450m fund to transform energy networks in the race to net zero.

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) aims to deliver greener ways to travel and to heat and power homes and businesses, by harnessing a new approach to energy network innovation. This will keep bills as low as possible, drive the UK towards its goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and help turn the UK into the ‘Silicon Valley’ of energy.

Through publishing challenges which are responsive to consumer needs, the SIF brings the people with the ideas and the energy networks together, and supports projects towards commercialisation.

The webinars focus on project overviews from the first four challenges.

Who should attend?

The events will enable lead companies and other partners in the SIF-funded projects to share their knowledge, ambitions and plans; and consider how they could help each other to give the projects the best chance of becoming commercial reality in future.

Others in the gas and electricity industry with an interest in network innovation are welcome.

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