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Against an overarching low carbon agenda, our mission is to support the development of UK innovation to deliver clean, accessible and secure energy & water systems through a digitally enabled construction sector and so provide smart, resilient and successful cities and communities.

We do this by simplifying the UK Innovation landscape and providing rapid transfer of high-quality information on technologies, markets, funding and partnering opportunities.

The expertise we bring spans energy systems, water, infrastructure and construction.


From cutting edge solar research and battery storage development, through digital technologies for nuclear, water and construction to supporting the development of the strategic direction of the infrastructure sector, we join up the dots. We put the right people in touch with each other and make the value introductions that spark ideas.

We convene safe spaces where industry can share innovation and challenges. These include i3P and the Innovation Exchange (iX) which also draws on our unrivalled cross-sector reach for novel solutions.

We engage internationally through the Energy Catalyst programme.

Our current focus in this area

Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network

The Cross-Sector Battery Systems Innovation Network will develop a self-sustaining and collaborative community of technology developers and end-users from multiple sectors.


Our focus is on transforming the construction industry by adopting modern methods of construction, and decarbonising.

Decarbonising Ports & Harbours

The Decarbonising Ports & Harbours Innovation Network’s overarching objective is to raise the profile of the critical part ports and harbours need to play in Maritime transport’s transition to net zero by 2050 and accelerate this transition by giving clear direction.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

What makes our modern lives relatively easy, interconnected and seamless is this seldomly thought of but very vital soft infrastructure – the electromagnetic spectrum. The digital world on which we have come to rely (Wi-Fi, Internet of Things, radio broadcasts to name a few) is underpinned by this invisible finite resource, but it lacks resilience and is rapidly becoming the widest open door for anyone who wants to disrupt critical services.

Hydrogen Economy

The Hydrogen Economy Innovation Network (formerly SIG) is creating a non-competitive advisory group to pool knowledge from existing hydrogen communities to validate views on the current challenges to enabling low-carbon hydrogen production at scale and cost.


KTN supports activities across the nuclear landscape including existing generation, new build and decommissioning and waste management.  There is also strong links with the fusion energy community.

Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P)

Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P) is an independent innovation community governed by representatives from its member organisations.

Funding Opportunities

KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - non-intrusive inspection for manhole covers

In order to improve operational safety and to minimise the survey resource required, the challenge holder is seeking an alternative and non-intrusive way to assess the integrity of over 6,600 manhole covers.

Opens: 18/12/2020 Closes: 05/02/2021

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KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - zero emission infrastructure for fleets

KTN’s Innovation Exchange is supporting Greater SouthEast Energy Hub and 14 local authorities to identify novel solutions to support zero emission infrastructure within local authority vehicle fleets.

Opens: 19/12/2020 Closes: 11/02/2021

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KTN Innovation Exchange challenge - technologies to be adapted in public spaces in a post-Covid world

KTN is working with the Department for International Trade to help the Indian government open up the Indian markets to the capability of using technology for safer public space operation.

Opens: 18/12/2020 Closes: 12/02/2021

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Future Flight Fridays: Zero Emission Infrastructure

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Enabling Green Recovery - South East Midlands

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Major boost for UK robotics sector from KTN Innovation Exchange Competition

GE Renewable Energy and ORE Catapult announce Tethys and Aerones as winners of KTN Innovation Exchange competition.

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The march towards Net Zero Carbon is picking up pace, but Ports appear to be bringing up the rear

As activities towards achieving Net Zero Carbon ramp up, KTN’s Mark Wray (Buildings & Infrastructure) and Matthew Moss (Maritime) share their thoughts on the recently published Spending Review and Carbon Budget, and what these mean for the sector.

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