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Additive Manufacturing

Advancement in additive manufacturing technologies has seen the evolution of 3D printed parts move rapidly, providing the opportunity for new innovation within the manufacturing world. As companies can now design for additive manufacturing to complement traditional manufacturing processes, there has been a massive shift in its use, particularly within aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and consumer products.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing uses machines to create three-dimensional physical objects from digital data. These systems primarily manufacture using layer-by-layer (or additive) means of construction. This permits the manufacture of complex shapes and surfaces much more simply than by conventional methods.

KTN’s Additive Manufacturing community is made up of SMEs creating innovative solutions through AM technologies together with supply chain organisations, materials specialists, digital businesses and designers.

Additive manufacturing is one of the key areas of digital innovation within the Manufacturing Made Smarter national programme, creating innovation for the UK manufacturing sector to build their resilience and flexibility, improve productivity and become environmentally sustainable.

Join the KTN Additive Manufacturing LinkedIn community here.

Our Additive Manufacturing Expert

Nicole Ballantyne

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Manufacturing and Materials for a Net-Zero future

KTN (in partnership with Innovate UK) presents a collection of inspiring talks from industry that give a taste of a coming wave of change in industry, and how you can get ahead of the curve.

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Scotland gains competitive edge through advanced manufacturing

Ahead of Scotland’s CAN DO Innovation Summit on 3 February, Dr Abigail Hird shares her insight on the impact of the pandemic on Scotland’s advanced manufacturing market and how the country is investing now to gain a competitive edge.

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Programmes related to Additive Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Made Smarter

Over the next 4.5 years, KTN will be working on behalf of UKRI to join communities together to transform UK manufacturing. Join our community and help us drive positive change.

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