Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG Event takes place in London on 11th April

Cambridge Wireless have launched a brand new SIG:¬†Smart & Intelligent Cities. SIG stands for ‘Special Interest Group’ and is open to industry and academic innovation researchers with an interest the fields smart cities and other related technologies.

The Smart and Intelligent Cities SIG will address a broad range of issues such as, city platforms, interoperability and the integration of a myriad of technology applications as well as the need for standards, procurement and regulation. With an open and collaborative approach, we will draw on participation from academia, government, industry, cities and the citizen to shine a spotlight on the opportunities and challenges both in the UK and globally.


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Presentations from keynote speakers will include:

•    Paul Copping, Chief Innovation Officer, DG Cities Ltd
•    Mike Short, Vice President, Telefonica
•    Brett Trafford, Director, Fawley Waterside
•    Government Digital Services (tbc)
•    Stream Technologies
•    The Transport System

Register here for the Smart & Intelligent Cities pilot event “Answering the scale-up challenge for Cities” taking place on 11 April 2017 at Digital Greenwich (London) from 09:30 to 16:00.

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