WATCH NOW: Beyond Covid-19 - Innovations in vaccine technologies. The race is on.

Posted on: 29/07/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought vaccines to the forefront of discussions about science and technology innovation. An effective vaccine may well be our only hope of a return to something resembling normality.


Across the globe the race is on to develop and produce high volumes of vaccines quickly. The UK government has put together a Taskforce to coordinate Covid-19 vaccine efforts. Two teams are currently leading the charge: The University of Oxford with an adenovirus-based vaccine candidate and Imperial College London with a self-amplifying RNA vaccine candidate. However, we shouldn’t forget that there is also an ecosystem within the UK of innovative, exciting companies who are developing vaccine-enabling technologies that will enable a better response to Covid-19 challenges and beyond.


Join KTN and the Medicines Manufacturing Challenge Community to find out how some of those UK companies are developing game-changing enabling technologies in vaccine formulation, manufacture and delivery.


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