A workshop focused on Blockchain will be delivered in London on 1 December.


The workshop will build the foundations for delegates to understand blockchain technology and how it can disrupt multiple industries.

The demand for blockchain knowledge is increasing as organisations look to utilise the technology to achieve efficiencies or create new business models.  The workshop will cover, amongst other things, an introduction to blockchain; Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT); Ethereum; blockchain in practice; and blockchain uses in finance.

Ethereum is the leading blockchain platform and, although complex, this workshop aims to make it easy for attendees to understand the concept of decentralisation.

Designed for students and professionals who want to build knowledge of blockchain or for those who want to test their skills with a basic practical project, the workshop at Level 39 in London offers student (£40) and early bird (£90, ending 24 November) rates to attend.

You can book for this workshop here.

If you’re involved in blockchain, the KTN December Digital Meet-up on 6 December is focused on that subject.  It’s free to attend.

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