Communicating the Bioeconomy

Posted on: 28/07/2015

Three UK Bioscience Leadership Councils joined forces to produce a set of infographics to aid communication of the bioeconomy.

Bioeconomy is a word that is widely used by government bodies, industry and academia in connection with biobased product, processes and services.

A working definition of the word “bioeconomy ” is all economic activity derived from bio-based¬†products and processes which contributes to¬†sustainable and resource-efficient solutions¬†to the challenges we face in food, chemicals,¬†materials, energy production, health and¬†environmental protection.

In 2015 three UK Bioscience Leadership Councils РIndustrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum (IBLF), Agri-tech Leadership Council (ATLC), Synthetic Biology Leadership Council (SBLC) Рjoined forces to produce a set of  infographics to aid communication of concepts around the bioeconomy.

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The infographics include slides on Challenges & Opportunities, Enablers, and Unpacking the Bioeconomy, plus case studies examples of current bioeconomy solutions, and future potential developments:

  • Bluetongue virus vaccine (current activities)
  • Agri-Technology used to step-change photosynthesis¬†(future potential)
  • Synthetic biology project makes male mosquitoes that cannot reproduce¬†(current activities)
  • Plants as pharmaceutical factories¬†(future potential)
  • Anti-ageing skin care¬†(current activities/future potential)
  • Sustainable energy (future potential)

You can download a copy of the “Communicating the Bioeconomy” infographics here.

Further information on these infographics is available on request via

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