KTN Conference to address improving High Temperature Performance of Composites.


Composite materials are now accepted and widely used in a number of different sectors replacing traditional metals and alloys. As confidence in the material grows, engineers are demanding higher performance from them and in particular higher operating temperatures.

The Composites Leadership Forum identified in its strategy that improving high temperature performance of composites was a key Science and Technology Recommendation.

It is for these reasons that the Knowledge Transfer Network is organising this Conference on High Temperature Performance of Composites.

The Conference aims to highlight research in industry and academia in this area. In scope are Structural Polymer, Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites.

Out of scope for the Conference are commercially available products, as well as thermal barriers, fire performance and fire insulation of composites, which is well covered in other conferences.

The Conference is also keen to hear from the demand side or end users of composites on what their requirements and experiences are from High Temperature Performance of Composites.

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