KTN-iX has posted three new challenges that Sellafield is throwing open to any sector to try and solve.

KTN-iX™ (KTN-innovation eXchange) has posted three challenges on behalf of Sellafield Game Changers.  Working at height in high, hazardous areas, autonomous removal of and remote inspection of Special Nuclear Material packages will all follow a different format to the usual application process.

KTN-iX is a cross sector program supporting innovation transfer by matching industry challenges to innovative companies from other sectors.  The three new challenges have the same ethos as all problems posted on KTN-iX – the challenge holder is looking for a solution from any sector, casting the net wider than its own sector and searching for innovation from any source.  However, the application is directly through Sellafield rather than via the KTN-iX platform.

KTN is keen that the KTN-iX platform is seen as sector agnostic and these challenges may be of interest to not just the nuclear sector but also areas such as robotics, AI and autonomous systems.

The three challenges are:

Deployment techniques to allow remote working at height in high, hazardous areas
Sellafield is seeking a solution that will enable working at height in high hazardous areas. The deployment technique should be deployable through a 150mm port, with a modular approach to end effectors e.g. characterisation, decontamination and removal of debris from cells.

Autonomous removal of Special Nuclear Material (SNM) packages from a store to a transport container for export
Sellafield wants to retrieve SNM packages and is seeking a solution capable of replacing its current process, increasing throughput from 200 packages to at least 600 packages per year.

Remote inspection of Special Nuclear Material (SNM) packages
After retrieval of SNM packages from the stores, Sellafield would like to inspect them. It is seeking a solution capable of inspecting 200 packages per year and increasing throughput to inspect at least 600 packages per year.

If you’re interested in any of the challenges, visit KTN-iX where you will find a further information on each of the problems posed by Sellafield and a link to the Game Changers site.

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