Are you an SME with a project to integrate key enabling technologies (KET) to solve clean production challenges?

European project KET4CleanProduction is offering micro grants for projects like yours. You will need to team up with at least two KET technology centres (KET TCs) to work on your project.

Key Enabling Technologies – KET – include micro- and nano-electronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Projects can get up to 50,000 euros in funding. The grant should cover 70% of the total project costs while you cover the remaining 30%.

This call for proposals will be open until April 2020. There will be cut-off dates for evaluations every three months (31st July 2019, 31st October 2019, 31st January 2020, 30th April 2020).

To be eligible, you must:

To qualify, your activities must focus on:

  • Developing of new production processes.
  • Improving the manufacturing of existing products by reducing production costs.
  • Improving the manufacturing of existing products by reducing the reliance on raw materials.
  • Improving the manufacturing of existing products by reducing the consumption of energy.
  • Diminishing the adverse impacts on the environment by reducing the generation of waste and pollution.
  • Other related objectives, specified by yourself.

How to apply?
There are five steps in the application process:

1.    Register on the web platform

2.    Submit a technology request

3.    Submit a micro grand proposal

4.    Evaluation and feedback on your micro grant proposal

5.    Implement and follow up on the micro grant project


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If you would like support in engaging with this opportunity, get in touch with our European Team.


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