Horizon Europe has a wide variety of open calls for civil security for society, with closing dates in September, October or November 2021, or February or November 2022. Some of these also include security, cyber security, AI, and/or infrastructure.

Horizon Europe Cluster 3, ‘Civil Security for Society’ aims to address challenges arising from persistent security threats, including cybercrime, as well as natural and man-made disasters.

These include seven destinations as follows:

Better protect the EU and its citizens against Crime and Terrorism (total budget €56m across 19 calls)

A Disaster-Resilient Society for Europe (€28m across 14 calls)

Effective management of EU external borders (€30.5m across 10 calls)

Strengthened Security Research and Innovation (€16m across 9 calls)

Increased Cybersecurity (€67.5m across 8 calls)

Resilient Infrastructure (€20m across 4 calls)

Open strategic autonomy in developing, deploying and using global space-based infrastructures, services, applications and data (€124m, 1 call)

Click on each of the topic titles above for a list of funding calls. Under each funding call you will also find a link to organisations looking for collaboration opportunities. The calls have various closing dates from September 2021 to November 2022.

For more information on the calls and how to apply, contact Viola Hay or Jane Watkins from our European funding team.