Working in partnership with the Transport Scotland and with the assistance of the broader public sector and innovation community, Scottish Enterprise wishes to procure R&D services to explore and develop technological solutions to the challenge of improving access to electric vehicles charging infrastructure.

Phase 1 involves research and development (R&D) contracts being awarded to explore the challenges and to develop and demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of solutions to them. It is anticipated that Phase 1 funding will be up to 30,000 GBP (Inc. VAT) per contract for up to 6 contracts for a maximum of 12 weeks duration with a completion date of 26 March 2021.

Phase 2 will involve R&D contracts being awarded to businesses chosen from the successful Phase 1 applicants, to develop a prototype and undertake field-testing in Scotland. It is anticipated that three Phase 2 contracts of up to 200,000 GBP (Inc. VAT) will be awarded for up to 12 months.

Challenge 1. How might we use technology to tackle electric vehicles public charging points misuse, specifically bay-hogging and ICEing?

We are looking for solutions that deal with the problem of vehicles parking in spaces intended for electric cars charging, without making use of or having a need to charge. This includes vehicles with internal combustion engines (commonly referred to as ICEing) and also electric/hybrid vehicle owners hogging the limited number of charge points for too long (bay-hogging).

Challenge 2. How might we use technology to ensure electric vehicles charging is accessible to drivers with disabilities?

Decarbonisation of road transport is only possible if all drivers make the switch to alternatively powered vehicles. A significant portion of electric vehicles will be driven by disabled people or the elderly, or carry them as passengers, making them reliant, at least partially, on public chargers. Existing charging infrastructure is however not well suited to their needs.

You may offer solutions for one or both of the above challenges.