Calling the most promising tech startups, scaleups and SMEs to join the STADIEM (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media) 4-stage programme: Match > Develop > Integrate > Pilot. The programme has a total duration of 14 months and a budget of €1.93M.

The STADIEM programme aims to bring together startups, scaleups, investors and media organisations to foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions. Our goal is to is to boost the opportunities and success of innovative companies by developing and growing in close cooperation with corporate and venture partners, securing a sustainable growth to success.

A webinar giving more details of the programme will be held on 10th March at noon GMT (1pm CET) – click here to register for a place.

The STADIEM programme is in 4 phases:

  1. Phase 1. Match (2 months)
    40 projects will be selected to join the Match phase which consists of digital events, organized by each hub. These events will include pitching, mingling, networking and one-to-one meetings. The aim is for startups/SMEs to identify corporate partners and lead for developing a pilot/and present an LOI (Letter of Intent) or strategy to lock pilot partner(s).
  2. Phase 2. Develop (6 months)
    At least 16 startups/SMEs ensure validated commitment from corporate partners to carry out the pilot within the timeframe and plan allocated.
  3. Phase 3. Integrate (2 months)
    At least 12 startups/SMEs begin (technical) integration and testing or pre-pilot activities for public pilots. This includes but is not limited to internal testing and evaluation of business processes and performance, technologies, and solutions that enable and drive forward startup and corporate collaboration.
  4. Phase 4. Pilot (4 months)
    At least 4 startups execute public pilots with the corporate partners in real-life environments. The pilots are evaluated for generating business value and gathering feedback from customers and other involved parties.

The absolute maximum amount of funding a startup/SME could receive is up to €150,000 for their project.

Open Call Focus Areas

  1. Content Creation & distribution
    Content is king but creating an immersive interactive user experience is key. Help us to (pre) generate, process, distribute content anywhere and anytime. Storytelling that sticks omnichannel is the name of the game.
  2. Archiving
    The future is bright, the past is golden.  Help us to discover our little treasures in our content archive and share them with the rest of the world.
  3. Journalism 4.0
    Our reputation is at stake. Fighting against fake news should be part of everyone’s DNA.  Help us to ‘train’, detect, predict, report… disinformation!
  4. Content verification and against disinformation
    From zero to hero. Journalism 4.0 is on its way. Empower journalists to bring news at lightning speed to empower the consumer to validate the quality.
  5. Data/AI/ML/Synthetic Media
    It is all about ME and not about YOU. Put the viewers, spectators, consumers, data scientists, analysts, marketers, decision-makers in the driver seat and provide the tools to serve them the best way we can.
  6. Monetization
    Great content comes at a cost.  Preserving our European cultural identity means we need to find new business models and platforms and make sure that the money lands in the right hands and the most efficiently or through new and novel marketplaces.
  7. Moonshots
    Surprise us with your vision or ideas, and if you shoot for a star, aim sky high.

STADIEM aims to stimulate and shape the application of emerging technologies – including artificial intelligence, 5G, the cloud, the Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality, wearables, and data analytics, which foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions -the European media/content moonshots. If you feel that your solution sets to revolutionize media or content or utilizes this in Moonshot capacity, you are eligible to apply as well.

Eligibility criteria

The target audience of STADIEM Open Call 1 – are startups, scaleups (in the form of SMEs) and SMEs, legally established in an EU Member StateH2020 associated countries or Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States.

We are looking to engage startups/SMEs that are:

  • Operational for at least one year with proven founding documents
  • Cash runway or self-funded for at least six months to a year to prove the startup can finish the program, or a letter of comfort from their investor(s)
  • B2B (Business-to-Business) 80% (if B2C – Business-to-Consumer- then needs B2B Partnerships)
  • Proven Initial product/market fit – at least one (corporate) client or LOI or product/business development in the process
  • Piloting capable product – live or in late stages of (publicly) available beta
  • Has received an investment or is self-financed (minimum: late-seed or Pre-Series A or very well-known acceleration/incubation/CVC program)

How to apply

STADIEM Open Calls are handled through the F6S platform (
The deadline for submitting your application is the 31st March 2021 (17:00 CET)