Jo Gosling

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Aquaculture and Livestock

Jo Gosling

Jo works in the Agri-food Team, driving innovation within Livestock and Aquaculture. This can be in the form of sourcing resources for research spin-outs, developing project proposals or running challenge-specific workshops to build strategies for delivering innovation. Jo can help you access expertise, project partners, Innovate UK KTN funding or services to develop your idea.

Jo currently leads the Wool Innovation Network, which aims to aid the British wool industry in improving the circularity and sustainability of the UK economy through the adoption of new technologies within the sector, and use of innovative wool products in other sectors.

Before joining Innovate UK KTN, Jo managed the BBSRC/NERC national aquaculture network ‘ARCH-UK’ for 5 years from the West Coast of Scotland, producing over 30 workshops, conferences and training events to increase UK research and innovation capacity and highlight research priorities of the UK farmed finfish and shellfish sector. Jo has also worked in Brussels at the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers leading the dissemination and communication work packages of EU H2020 research projects to improve research impact. Jo holds a PhD in fish farm biogeochemistry and has a keen interest in the role of science communication and education in food systems change.