Melanie Cassley

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Intelligent Systems

Melanie Cassley

Mel Cassley: Knowledge Transfer Manager – Intelligent Systems

Mel is KTN’s Intelligent Systems Knowledge Transfer Manager and works closely with the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Transfer Managers. Mel interacts with companies, academia and government both nationally and internationally to advance facilities and services available to the robotics and artificial intelligence communities.

Mel joins KTN from EIT Digital where she worked as a knowledge exchange professional on digital tech projects including anonymised digital tokens for early detection of covid and solutions that optimise the health of fish stocks via IoT and predictive analytics. She has years of experience in the digital sector having worked with advanced technologies in the marine sector and more recently across the digital sector within a pan-European initiative. Mel also supported the delivery of Smart Sound Plymouth, a first-of-a-kind marine proving ground within the UK, facilitating design, testing and development of new products and services for the marine sector.