Raluca Popovici

Knowledge Transfer Manager ‑ Industrial Technologies and Manufacturing

Raluca Popovici – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Manufacturing

Raluca is one of KTN’s Knowledge Transfer Managers within the Industrial Technologies and Manufacturing Team. With an engineering background in Aerospace Systems Engineering, having done projects for IMechE and NATO and a background in healthcare as a volunteer for St John Ambulance, Raluca interacts with small companies (SMEs, Start-Ups), large organisations, academics and government to help advance Robotics and AI technologies and at the same time help manufacturers adopt these solutions and move into a more digital and automated scene. Raluca supports organisations throughout their innovation & adoption journey and works towards helping them accelerate their business with the relevant opportunities.

Raluca is involved in the Driving the Electric Revolution challenge and works across various sectors in Power Electronics, Machines & Drives, helping organisations network and boosting electrification technologies within the UK.

Raluca is one of the developers of the RAI Landscape Map. The map serves as a platform for Robotics and AI organisations to be featured and to showcase their technologies, capabilities, projects and test facilities, whilst offering the possibility to collaborate and interact with other organisations.

The map can further be updated with new organisations / entries, by the simple completion of the DotDigital form on the RAI landscape page. For any enquiries regarding the map or for questions around how to collaborate / get in touch with an organisation featured on the map, please feel free to get in contact.