This funding map helps in the navigation of the complicated world of innovation funding. It is not meant to be comprehensive, rather, it is designed to start a conversation about your needs. The aim of the map is to enable a level of understanding to be developed online but, more importantly, it provides an opportunity for innovators to start a conversation with KTN about how we can help you to navigate the innovation landscape.

The map was developed by KTN and the BioIndustry Association (BIA) with the help of a wide range of funders who provided information about their specific funding schemes. The information provided is generally available on the websites of the individual funders, not all funding schemes are always open. Information on the current status of a particular funding scheme can be obtained by contacting Terry O’Neill, Head of Health.


  1. Open the map
  2. Click on the bars to open up a short title and a link to further information
  3. Click on the details button to open up further information about the funding category and to access a link to specific websites.
  4. Click on the Get In Touch button to access contact details of people at KTN who can help with a further conversation.

Click on the Back button to return to the map.

An explanation of Technology Readiness Levels can be found on EPSRC’s website here.