The power of cross-sector collaboration

Innovation Exchange is a KTN programme specially designed to help organisations search for game-changing solutions to challenges and bring them to market faster.

Leveraging expertise across our diverse network, KTN promotes innovation transfer, matching real industry challenges from large businesses, to companies and innovators already working on the solutions. Our unique cross-sector approach taps into the power of collaboration providing technical solutions from other sectors.

Over the past 4 years, KTN’s Innovation Exchange Programme has proven it is a highly successful programme in the energy, defence, health and transport sectors and is now being expanded into others as well, such as infrastructure, security and agri-tech.

With over 2.5K application entries across 100 challenges, 448 UK companies pitched their ideas, 88 trials were undertaken generating £17.16m value to challenge holders, and 26 commercial contracts were put in place, valued at £2.25m, as a direct result of the Innovation Exchange Programme.

“Posting our challenges on KTN’s Innovation Exchange has allowed us to have a cross-sectoral approach and added an element of reach that has proved invaluable. The responses have allowed us to explore applying solutions from other sectors like medical X-Ray technology to some really tricky problems.” Andy Cooney, Technical Manager at Sellafield

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