The power of cross-sector collaboration

Innovation Exchange is a KTN programme specially designed to introduce your company’s challenges to the innovators who are already working on the solutions. Our unique cross-sector approach taps into the power of collaboration outside your usual channels, matching your problems to the people with the answers.

If you’re an organisation with a challenge to meet outside of your usual speciality, we’ll introduce you to an agile partner that’s the perfect fit. And if you’re an innovator or SME with a product or service to develop, we’ll help find the right resource to accelerate your success and hone your offering. It’s a two way-street of shared interest and success.

Cross-sector solutions have the power to bring you places you never thought imaginable, taking the expertise from one field to bring fresh thinking to another. By embedding that into your organisation, you leverage a whole world of diversity that exists beyond your company’s doors. And you’ll reap the benefits of someone from the outside looking in, offering an independent and unexpected perspective on how you handle your challenges.

These kind of connections are opportunities to approach problem-solving in a completely different way, with results that help everybody grow. Why not talk to our team today and see what might be out there, just waiting for you to come along?