Aged between 18 and 30 years old and looking for business support? You've come to the right place.

Business in Britain is changing. Over the next 3 years, Innovate UK has £2.2 million to support young people to develop their innovative ideas to change the face of business in Britain.

The Young Innovators programme, which includes annual awards for young people with creative and ground-breaking business ideas and a high-profile #IdeasMeanBusiness campaign, is a partnership between Innovate UK and the Prince’s Trust.

By 2023, the Young Innovators programme will award people from diverse backgrounds with a £5,000 grant, one-on-one business coaching and an allowance to cover living costs.

So far, 88 inspiring young people have received Young Innovators awards and 12,000 young people have engaged with the #IdeasMeanBusiness campaign.

Young Innovators Awards 2021/22 

Innovate UK’s Young Innovators Awards 2021/22 will award 32 people from diverse backgrounds with a £5,000 grant, one-on-one business coaching and an allowance to cover living costs.

The competition is now closed but you can find out further information on the focus of the Awards and key dates here or by watching the recent briefing event.

Young Innovators Awards 2020/21 Winners: Young inventors working for a better world

We’re proud to announce the winners of this year’s Young Innovators’ Award! From plastic alternatives derived from seaweed to socially-aware robotic companions for people living in care homes, they look set to tackle some of our biggest societal challenges.

The Young Innovators Awards recognise young people from across the UK with great business ideas who have the potential to become successful entrepreneurs and future leaders in innovation.

Following an unprecedented level of entries, with an 87% increase in applications year-on-year, 64 young people have started the New Year with a boost after getting the coveted award, double the number of award winners/recipients of previous years.

Read about all 64 Young Innovators in our brochure.

#IdeasMeanBusiness Webinar Series

The #IdeasMeanBusiness webinar series has been designed to provide practical advice, expert knowledge and tools for young people. It aims to enable entrepreneurship and innovation among more young people to help them bring more diverse ideas and businesses into the economy. If you want to learn from experts, build your skills, gain confidence, and develop networks to help you grow and succeed, join us as we take you on a journey to develop your ideas. The series explored topics ranging from marketing through to business plans, personal branding, intellectual property and much more. Watch all recordings here.


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Previous Award Winners

In partnership with The Prince’s Trust, we found some amazing young people in Phase 1 of the #ideasmeanbusiness campaign. Find out more about the people who are on their way to change the face of UK innovation here.


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