As Knowledge Transfer Manager for Diversity & Inclusion, Siwan works to ensure diverse innovators have access to the support and funding opportunities they need.

Siwan leads on the Women in Innovation and Young Innovators programmes, as well as working alongside colleagues to ensure diversity & inclusion is embedded in all KTN activities.

The Women in Innovation programme supports pioneering female entrepreneurs to develop their innovations, solve pressing societal challenges and showcase them as leaders in innovation. Siwan works to ensure women are aware of opportunities, free resources and support available that can help them and their companies develop and grow.

The Young Innovators programme supports young people to develop their innovative ideas to change the face of business in Britain. Siwan advises on the stages needed to take an idea from inception to reality and equips young innovators with the tools and resources to thrive within the start-up ecosystem.

Siwan has worked across several technology sector areas and has extensive expertise in marketing, PR and events management, ensuring diverse innovators have access to opportunities to shine.

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