The only pre-seed accelerator programme in the cybersecurity ecosystem, CyberASAP (Cyber Security Academic Startup Accelerator Programme) plays a unique and vital role in supporting cyber security innovation and commercialisation.

Expert support to commercialise academic cyber security innovation.

Now entering its sixth year, CyberASAP provides academics with the expertise, knowledge and training needed to convert their research into technologies, products and services in this key sector of the global economy. The programme creates a pipeline to move great cyber security ideas out of the university lab and into the commercial market.

About CyberASAP

CyberASAP is selective and teams compete to join and complete the programme.
A series of highly effective interventions (including bootcamps, workshops, and mentoring) gives participating teams essential insights into the key milestones necessary to commercialise their research.

Led by KTN’s Emma Fadlon and Robin Kennedy, CyberASAP draws on their expertise, and also benefits from the experience and specialist knowledge of their extensive network of practitioners (including in IP, New Product Development, Innovation Planning, Sales, Investment, Pitching, Communications) who contribute to the 11-month programme which culminates in a Demo Day where teams pitch and demonstrate their Proofs of Concept.

CyberASAP is funded by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and delivered by Innovate UK KTN and Innovate UK, in partnership.


Cited as a successful Case Study in the UK Government’s July 2020 UK Research and Development Roadmap CyberASAP has, since its inception in 2017, helped more than 100 teams from universities right across the UK to develop their innovations. Twenty-one companies have been formed and, as of September 2021, our alumni have secured more than £17m in further funding to help accelerate the commercial rollout of their cybersecurity ideas.

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"“This programme will take you from idea to reality” "

Ellen Kay, (Alumni, Year 4), Cybermind Technologies

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CyberASAP Projects

Since the programme started in 2017, more than 116 teams have participated (including our current cohort) with 57 talented teams graduating. Find out more about the status of these projects by browsing our “catalogue” using the search keys below.

Secure Development/Magid

Workshops you can deliver yourself, to help make the right security decisions.

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WhatML protects the value and the intellectual property of machine learning models.

More Information


Cydon – Share data Confidently

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An accessible authentication gateway for people with disabilities to communicate requirements

More Information


CyberASAP Impact & Insight Report

Lessons from 5 years of the programme

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CyberASAP Alumni Case Study Booklet

Insights from the CyberASAP Community

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CyberASAP 2021/22 Demo Day Booklet

Profiles of all CyberASAP year 5 projects

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CyberASAP 2020/21 Demo Day Booklet

Profiles of all CyberASAP year 4 projects

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CyberASAP 2019/20 Demo Day Booklet

Profiles of all CyberASAP year 3 projects

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CyberASAP 2018/19 Demo Day Booklet

Profiles of all CyberASAP year 2 projects

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CyberASAP 2017 Demo Day Booklet

Profiles of all CyberASAP year 1 projects

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