This landscape map is an evolving visualisation representing maritime stakeholders and the wider community committed to decarbonising UK ports & harbours.

In response to the UK’s commitment to achieve NetZero by 2050 (outlined for the maritime sector in the Maritime 2050 policy paper) KTN has developed, as part of the Decarbonising Ports & Harbours Innovation Network, a landscape map of the sector.

This interactive map is a reference tool designed to allow port owners, operators, technology providers and industry stakeholders insight into the challenge of decarbonisation in a port environment, and awareness of organisations capable of addressing this challenge.

It also serves as a showcase for the UK’s world leading maritime sector and, as we transition to a decarbonised industry, will act as a directory of UK excellence in green maritime technologies.

If you would like your company to be featured on the map, please enter your details here, or contact either our Decarbonising Ports & Harbour Innovation Network Lead Mark Wray or Maritime Lead Matthew Moss.