Over the next 4.5 years, KTN will be working on behalf of UKRI to join communities together to transform UK manufacturing. Join our community and help us drive positive change.

The 2017 Made Smarter UK review stated that “the positive impact of faster innovation and adoption of IDTs could be as much as £455 billion for UK manufacturing over the next decade, increasing manufacturing sector growth between 1.5 and 3 percent per annum, creating a conservative estimated net gain of 175,000 jobs throughout the economy”.

In response to this vision, Manufacturing Made Smarter, as one of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Fund (ISCF) programmes, is investing £147m into creating a fully connected, dynamic manufacturing ecosystem inspiring innovation across academia, technology providers and manufacturers.

Current Opportunities
Made Smarter Technology Accelerator: find out more here
Manufacturing Made Smarter Smart Factory & Digital Supply Chain Innovation Hubs: find out more here
HVM Catapult Made Smarter Smart Factory Innovation Hubs Pilot: find out more here

The aim of the programme is to harness the transformative power of innovative Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) which we will deliver under our existing networks, making these more connected, more visible, and more accessible.

The UK is recognised as being world leading in areas such as AI, customer experience and product design.  KTN will be bringing these communities together to deliver a UK manufacturing sector that is more…

  • modern
  • connected
  • resilient
  • flexible 
  • productive 
  • and environmentally sustainable.

Join this vibrant cohesive community of digital solution developers and integrators and connect with manufacturers, across industry sectors.  KTN will be working closely with our stakeholders and partners to connect the UK manufacturing ecosystem and bring together a landscape of funding, collaboration opportunities, innovation support as well as access to testbeds and demonstrators.  

As with everything we do, KTN will be working to bring together a diversity of disciplines, view points, skills and perspectives to drive positive change. 

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