Sustainable Aviation Fuel Innovation Programme

Collaboration is essential to building the UK’s SAF supply chain. Our expert team at Innovate UK KTN can help you find the right connections and resources to help you develop and commercialise your Sustainable Aviation Fuel project.

Helping build the UK’s SAF supply chain

The objective of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Innovation Programme (SAF IP) is to help build and accelerate the UK SAF industry. This programme will build a network of innovators, publish analysis and reports, help you access finance and investment and empower you with expert technical knowledge through dissemination, working groups and masterclasses.

The SAF IP exists to support the ambitions of the Jet Zero Council to grow the UK SAF industry. Innovate UK KTN is the secretariat for the JZC SAF Delivery Group and works closely with the Department for Transport and industry to define the barriers and opportunities to developing the industry. The SAF IP will complement the work of the JZC SAFDG by delivering technical working groups to inform policy and investment decisions and act as a neutral, impartial partner to connect businesses to customers, innovators, funding and resources.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply Chain Initiative: February 2023

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What the SAF Innovation Programme offers




From accessing the right experts and facilities, to finding customers and collaborative partners, our team of experts can help you develop your SAF project or process.

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Find out how Innovate UK KTN can support your search for investment in your Sustainable Aviation Fuel solution, or guide you as an investor interested in decarbonising aviation.

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A technical working group will act as a task and finish group by identifying a challenge and clear output. The output can then be published and/or submitted to a key stakeholder to inform decision making.

Expert sessions


Expert sessions

A masterclass will be a short session delivered by an expert on a specific topic and focus on the 'How to...' practical elements along the SAF supply chain, from feedstock and how to source it to getting the fuel to an aircraft.



Latest SAF Reports & Publications

SAF Road-Map

This road-map highlights the potential contribution that sustainable aviation fuels can make to supporting the decarbonisation of the UK economy and outlines the potential for job creation and economic growth in the sustainable fuels sector, both in the UK and globally.


R&D Priorities

R&D Priorities: This report gives help to a range of stakeholders from across industry, academia and government to help de-risk and expedite the market entry of emerging and new fuels plus support the off-take of SAF on military platforms.


Special Interest Group

Special Interest Group: This resource showcases the impact, reach and outputs that Innovate UK KTN, through the SAF SIG, has delivered between 2017 and 2019 by building the network, brokering collaborations and creating resources to support the aviation fuel community.


Interactive Analysis

KTN, supported and commissioned by Innovate UK, has conducted an analysis to support the growth of the UK’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry and support the ambitions of the Jet Zero Council. This interactive analysis offers insight into the feedstock and technology pathways being utilised, the chemical products and scale of production (TRL) to inform your supply chain development and showcase the UK’s potential in SAF.

Developing Sustainable Aviation Fuel

For more information on developing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) please visit the International Air Transport Association (IATA) trade association's SAF programme for more information and resources.

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